Over fifty years of experience in the production of diamond and HM tools for machining wood, chipboard, laminates, plastics and aluminium.
Dorigo Utensili was the first Italian company in the production of polycrystalline diamond tools based on over forty years of experience in the field of tool manufacturing for wood, particleboard, laminates, plastics.
The innovative nature which has always distinguished our company, the continuous research on new technologies and the attention to the study of materials help make our products very reliable, providing better performance with regard to the finish and tool life, keeping at the same time the quality/price ratio highly competitive.
The direct contact with our custumers and their problems plays a key role in the development and manufacturing of tools.
Thanks to its technical team, Dorigo Utensili can meet all the needs of the market, providing technical support to its customers in the development of their products and production technologies.
L’efficiente servizio di post vendita garantisce un tempestivo e completo servizio al cliente.

For over 50 years
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Treviso ITALY
Viale Europa 41, 31010
Farra di Soligo (TV)
T. 0438 980302-837427

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